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Garden Tours

Guided Horticultural Tours

These specialised guided tours will give you an overview of a particular area of the Botanic Garden. They are guided by Botanic Garden curatorial staff. Depending on the season and the groups specific interest we tailor these tours to the group.

It is best to go for a 2-2.5 hour tour length as this gives people a really good look around the Garden, especially if they are avid gardeners! However you may not have that long so 1.5 hours is ideal.

Tours require a minimum of 8 people.

Costs for a 2 hour tour:
NZ$20 per person for numbers up to 25
NZ$15 per person for numbers over 25
Costs for a 1.5 hour tour:
NZ$15 per person for numbers up to 25
NZ$10 per person for numbers over 25

Tours generally start at the top of the hill and finish at the bottom (route is mostly downhill and on gravelled path surfaces), to save people walking back up the hill. Buses can drop off at the top of the Garden and pick up at the bottom of the Garden.

For bookings email


You can cancel your booking up to five working days before your tour without incurring any charges. If your cancellation is received with less than 5 working days notice, there will be a minimum charge. In the case of bad weather, we accept re-bookings or cancellations at no charge.

If you do not cancel your booking, or fewer people arrive than booked, you will be charged the full cost of your tour.

Tour groups we generally spilt into groups of 15-20 to provide the whole tour party with a quality experience with staff and also ensures all the group hear the person speaking.

Guided General Tours

The Friends of the Botanic Garden offer 50 minute tours of the flat lower garden for $7 per person. These give a good introduction to the Botanic Garden and features of the lower garden area + general information about Dunedin. A very enthusiastic group of Friends guides lead these tours.

Enquiries are very welcome. Call 471 9275 or visit the Information Centre between 10am and 4pm. Email

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